Strawberry Milk


My kids have frequently asked me for strawberry milk. At times, I’ve bought Horizon strawberry milk boxes for their school lunches. But that gets pricy and contains 23 grams of sugar.  I went to the store in search of other strawberry milk.  I found Nesquik brand powdered milk.  It only has 15 grams of sugar which is better. However, it also contains lots of artificial ingredients, including artificial flavors, dyes, and unpronounceable things. Have I mentioned that artificial flavors and dyes make my son act like a crazy person?  Sorry, Nesquik, not going to be buying your strawberry milk product.

So yesterday, big brain wave, I decided to make my own!! Why have I never thought of this before? Who knows. Anyway, it worked on the first try, and my kids LOVE it!! I used very little sugar. It’s all natural with no artificial dyes, preservatives, or flavors.

Recipe–Get ready!! This is rocket science.

Puree 3 cups of strawberries (I had frozen, but fresh would be even better, I’m sure.) Add 3 cups of milk and 2 tablespoons of sugar (or honey). Blend again. Serve!!








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