menu planning tools

I’ve finally come up with a system for menu planning that works well for me. It’s not really a system, but I follow the same steps every time. First, I look up the King Soopers and Albertsons ads to see what meats and produce are on sale. Then I try to incorporate sale meats and produce into my menu by looking up recipes that include those food items.  For example, salmon is on sale this week at King Soopers, so I looked up salmon on the Wildtree website and chose the recipe Outrageous Salmon with Vegetable Stir Fry and Teriyaki Pineapple Fried Rice. Then I write the title of the recipe, the cookbook and page number or the website down in my planner. Then I get a piece of paper that will be my grocery list and, using the recipe and what I already have in my kitchen, I write down the items that I need from that recipe on my grocery list. Then I move on to the second recipe.  Sometimes I have a grocery list for more than one store if there are fantastic sales. I don’t time or energy to run around to a lot of stores for the sake of saving a little money though.

My planner has little strips of paper that can be torn out and are the perfect size for lists.  But I have started reading the blog I’m an Organizing Junkie, and today she posted two cute menu planning tools that I’m sharing with you.

This first menu planner is from a blog called Cut & Create.

The second menu planner is from a blog called A Daily Dose of D.

Will one of these help you? I may start using the blue one and keep it on my fridge.  How do you menu plan?



  1. Hi Becky, Great Blog. I am hardly organized as you well know! With just two of us now life is simpler. I do read the ads for the stores. Know I need to get to Sprouts on Wednesday or Thursday so usually shop then, looking at what is on sale. Also use my IPAD lots for recipes. Just make a list in my head of what I have available and see what comes up. That usually works. I also keep colored file folders of favorites that were exceptional and that I print out. I often use that for company planning. Elaine

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